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A Brief History

Back when computers filled whole rooms, Digital Equipment Corporation - or Digital, as they were best known - were one of the world's leading manufacturers of mainframes and minicomputers.

Models like VAX revolutionized modern computing. Even today, the mere mention will make programmers and IT geeks of a certain age go all misty-eyed (some may have noticed that the background photo above is a photo VAX memory board, c/o this Flickr user).

By the late 80s, DEC was the second biggest computer company in the world. Digital.com became DEC's home on the nascent world wide web, when the domain was registered July 1993.

DEC were acquired by PC giant Compaq in 1998, and Compaq were in turn bought by Hewlett Packard in 2002, taking DEC (and Digital.com) with them.

The Digital brand retired in the early 2000s, and in 2010, HP started in earnest to try to sell the domain, including an auction at DomainFest. The reserve (reportedly $1-5 million) was not met.

In 2014, HP put the name up for auction again, receiving rather more interest this time around, and selling to Quality Nonsense Ltd, a London-based web publishing company.

The sale received press coverage at DNJournal, DomainNameWire, The Domains and DomainSherpa.

What Next?

The domain was acquired by London-based web publishing business Quality Nonsense Ltd. The domain was bought for a project scheduled for 2015.


Q: Is the Digital.com domain for sale?

A: We bought the domain to develop, rather than to speculate, and have declined several substantial offers. However, we are happy to consider serious offers.

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